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Alternative Investments

  1. Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

Alternative investments products have provide many clients an excellent diversification option to the market. This asset-class is completely uncorrelated to the turbulent stock, bond and real estate markets, even geo political events and global disturbances.

Sexton Consulting Group has developed a strategic partnerships with Resolute Capital Partners and leaders in the alternative investment arena.

  • Equity energy assets (1, 2 and 3 year growth & income products)
  • Debt energy assets
  • Real Estate Investment Opportunities (1-5 year growth & income products)

Private Equity

Need assistance with capital fundraising? Sexton Consulting Group has served a multitude of private equity companies during their start-up phase and beyond.  Here are just a few:

Drake’s Organic Spirits

Drake’s Organic Spirits is the largest capacity producer of Non-GMO, Gluten Free, USDA Organic Rum and Vodka in the world and also offers non-grain, gluten free, ultra-premium, 12 times distilled handcrafted products, enabling customers to enjoy naturally made cane alcohol.


CLEAN CUBE Medical System
The CLEAN CUBE MEDICAL SYSTEM is a modular pre-designed, pre-engineered, future-proofed clinical room/space with a universal, pre-templated design that supports efficient clinical operations and clean room components that promote the highest level of infection control.


Camp365 is the world’s first fold-out cabin. At under 1,500 pounds with its patented Adjustable Wheel Base, it is “the cabin that goes everywhere”.

If you’re an Accredited Investor looking for unique investment opportunities, contact us today.

Energy Tax Advantages Passive Activity

The Rule: 
An investment in a limited partnership is generally considered a passive activity for the Investor which is only deductible against other passive income. IRC Section 469

The Exception: 
By electing to be a general partner during the drilling and completion phases, Investors may take advantage of an exception that allows the IDC deductions to be taken against active income. IRC Section 469 (c)(3)(a)

For more information on tax advantages for investments in oil and gas, click below.